A Place At My Table By Susan Wells


In a Place At My Table, Susan Wells describes the relational journey that took her from knowing Jesus as a child to a life of loving service for Him. As a child, I loved writing stories. Interestingly, my professional career began with writing on the subject of “DIY Decorating Projects”. I’d taught courses on a variety of those subjects for years. That led to hosting the award-winning, “Interior Design on a Dime”, a how-to decor cable show that ran in Western Canada. I just can’t help passing on ideas!

My Faith has formed the bedrock of my inspirational articles and talks. My blogs now tackle real-life challenges, with good news stories of others who’ve been in the same place as you and me. I love championing heroes!

I can find the “funny” in anything. Whether speaking or writing, real-life stories are sprinkled with a good dose of humor. We learn to grow from our own experiences, and each others!

“I know her story well! I believe it will bring inspiration and insight as we seek to fulfil the shared vision our Lord has given us. Together, let’s continue to create, “space to belong” in our lives and ministries for neighbours, both young and older.” David Wells-General Superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada