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The Intimacy Cover-Up Uncovering the Difference Between Love and Sex

There can be virtually no argument that all teens (including Christians) need a rational, relational, non- judgmental resource regarding pre-marital sexual abstinence. This book provides just that. It confronts the sexual myths set out by our society and proves them false and yet minimizes the predictable defensive reactions of the young adult readers.

"I would like to highly recommend Roger to you as a professional, committed, Christian therapist and as a gifted teacher." -H. Norman Wright

-- Non-threatening, yet solidly biblical
-- Addresses the myths told by the culture
-- Author speaks regularly across the world
-- An earlier version of this book is used by Focus on the Family as a regular book for the telephone counseling ministry

P. Roger Hillerstrom is a marriage and family therapist with Heritage Counseling Associates in the Seattle, Wash. area. He holds professional degrees in psychology from Bethel College in St. Paul, Minn. and in family therapy from Biola University in La Mirada, Calif. He has nearly two decades of experience in premarital preparation and marriage enrichment. He is also the author of Your Family Voyage and Re-writing