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The Experiential Gospel of John

What Bible verses have you actually EXPERIENCED lately? The early church turned the world upside down for Christ because they had two simple, but powerful commandments as their guide: Love God and love people (Matthew 22:40). The Experiential Gospel of John offers a daily, guided reading plan that emphasizes how Scripture has BOTH objective meaning and relational significance as you actually DO Bible verses. Experience a guided plan for spiritual growth based upon 40 discipleship outcomes which are RELATIONAL and impossible to live apart from the Holy Spirit. When these outcomes are practiced, you will grow in Loving the Lord, Living His Word, Loving people, and Living His mission. As an added feature, you will learn about the Spirit-empowered Faith Assessment which can track your progress in living out the 40 discipleship outcomes as your identity. The Experiential Gospel of John is uniquely designed for personal devotions, small groups, Bible study classes and one-on-one or group discipleship.