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Children's Ministries Leadership Certification Course Semester Two (PAOC)

This self-study has been designed for those involved in ministry to the next generation who have had little or no formal training in the area of children's ministries. Seasoned practitioners representing a variety of churches and ministries across Canada have written this course just for you!

Each lesson has been laid out in a way that doesn't require excessive time on your part for study purposes, yet gives you opportunity to: Read, Reflect and Respond to what you are learning.

Semester Two Topics of Study

Module 7: Life in the Spirit
The Role of the Holy Spirit
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Module 8: Teaching Strategies
Teaching as Jesus Taught
Understanding the Bible as One Story
Creative Teaching Methods
Response Times

Module 9: Tips from the Classroom
Captivating Kids in Large Group Settings
Captivating Kids in Small Group Settings
Ministering to Kids with Special Needs

Module 10: Reaching Out
Raising Kids who care about Others
Planning a Big Event
Children Sharing their Faith
Ministering to Children at Risk

Module 11: Ministering to Children and Their Families
The Family, the Church and Faith
The Family Today and Implications for Ministry
The Place of Parents in Ministry
Ministry to Children in Family Crisis

Module 12: Advancing Children's Ministry
Evaluating Your Ministry Effectiveness
Preparing and Presenting your Budget
Managing your Budget for Future Development
From Children's Ministries to Children in Minstry