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Tides Live by Bethel Music


After the release of their first studio album in September 2013, Tides came to life on a new level as Bethel Music began leading these songs at home and around the world. It became clear that the resonance and passion of each song in a live worship setting was too exciting to overlook- so Bethel Music simply pressed "record" during its weekend services and regional gatherings.

Tides Live offers a fresh and powerful perspective on these songs and draws listeners into a worship experience full of spontaneous moments and sounds of praise. Step into the moments and momentum of Tides Live, and participate in an authentic worship experience from one community to another.

Song list

1. For the Cross - Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson, Brian Johnson
2. Heaven's Song - Bethel Music, Jeremy Riddle
3. Strong in Us - Bethel Music, Brian Johnson
4. Give Me Jesus - Bethel Music, Matt Stinton
5. Forever - Bethel Music, Brian Johnson
6. Come Awaken Love - Bethel Music, Hunter G K Thompson
7. Chasing You - Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson
8. Breaking Through - Bethel Music, Jeremy Riddle
9. Be Still - Bethel Music, Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger
10. Ascend - Bethel Music, William Matthews
11. I Can Feel You - Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson