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In these new fun colors, you get the same, high quality bells at a lower price!

You can combine Handbells with purchased Music Sets to create an easy opportunity to celebrate the kids in your church-without the expense of costumes and sets!

The Music Sets' easy-to-use number/music cards and accompaniment CDs let you have an instant handbell choir simply by adding kids. The accompaniment CD provides the backdrop of music so that kids only need a practice or two. The leaders of your handbell choir don't even need musical experience or knowledge. They hold up number-coded cards in the specified order for each song, and when kids see the number for their bell�they ring! It's a moving performance for parents and adults, and it lets kids experience the joy of ministering to others.

If you already have Handbells or Music Sets, you can use these bells with your current music. Both the previous and new bells are in the key of C. If you have more than 8 kids, simply purchase these additional sets of handbells for your number of kids. They can all perform with the same Music Sets.

Eight metal bells with plastic handles and clappers. Bell height: 5 1/4" Ages 3 and up. Free bag with new handbell purchase.