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Nada Es Imposible Cd (Spanish)


Led by Pastors Russell and Sam Evans, Planetshakers is the fastest growing church in Australia, and they are expanding their already significant ministry with Awakening Conferences in Malaysia, San Diego, Melbourne (Australia) and Dallas, TX through 2014.

Planetshakers has carved out a unique space in the worshipping community through songs of energetic celebration and passionate worship. Due to the overwhelming global demand for their music in Spanish, we are releasing Nada es Imposible, a collection of Planetshakers' top songs. 

1. Que La Alabanza Despierte (Let Praise Awaken)
2. Alabanza Sin Fin (Endless Praise)
3. Nada Es Imposible (Nothing Is Impossible)
4. Levantando Las Manos (Put Your Hands Up)
5. El Himno (The Anthem)
6. Grande Es Tu Amor (Great Is Your Love)
7. Este Es El Dia (This Is The Day)
8. Estoy Asombrado (Leave Me Astounded)
9. Sin Limites (Limitless)
10. Todo Mundo De Pie (Get Up)
11. Se Trata De Jesus (It's All About Jesus)