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Born Is The King Split Track Accom CD


For centuries, both the young and the old awaited Jesus' arrival. And for centuries, His story has been worth retelling: From Mary and Joseph taking a cattle stall as a birthing place after a long journey, or the shepherds receiving the announcement of the birth of the Messiah by a multitude of angels, to the long and extravagant journey and visit by the Magi from afar. Though the story occured over 2,000 years ago, it remains as riveting, compelling, and relevant to us today!

Born unto us this day, a Savior

Gifted from heaven to a manger

The Hope of the world a Light for all mankind

All of the earth rejoice, it's Christmastime!

The Benson Music club is pleased to present Born Is the King – It's Christmas! an exciting multi-generational Christmas celebration for adult choir, student choir, children's choir and orchestra. Created by Luke Gambill and Sue C. Smith, including festive and brilliant arrangements by Bradley Knight, Landy & Joy Gardner, Christopher Phillips, Cliff Duren, Luke Gambill, Daniel Semsen, and Bj Davis, this 42-minute Christmas celebration takes us through the story of Christ's birth in a way that will engage your entire church like never before!

In addition to the Split-Track Accompaniment CD, a sing-a-long Split-Track Accompaniment DVD disc set is also available, adding a stunning visual experience to your presentation of this powerful Christmas celebration! This two-disc set offers an easy-to-play DVD on Disc #1 and QuickTime (.mov) files to use with your favorite worship presentation software on Disc #2.

Songs include: Born Is the King (It's Christmas) • Christmas Day • Come • When Hope Came Down • A Humble Bed • Glorious Jesus • Do You Hear What I Hear? • I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day • Joy to the World

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