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Living in the Spirit Kids Session CD-Rom with bonus DVD

$40.75 $51.99
Educate and energize children as they discover the Holy Spirit's power for their lives through these eight dynamic sessions. On the CD-ROM, you'll find lesson activities and printables, including Bible stories, cool object lessons, games, and more to help kids grow in their understanding of the Spirit. Most importantly, they'll learn who the Holy Spirit is and why being baptized in the Spirit is important.

Enjoy two optional Faith Case™ sessions on the Holy Spirit. If you haven't already tried this powerful DVD-driven resource to help kids learn 16 foundational truths, try out these sessions to add some WOW to your Living in the Spirit kids' sessions. Find out more about Faith Case at

Uses: Best for children's church and midweek settings

Sessions include:
1. Who is the Holy Spirit?
2. What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
3. Why should I be baptized in the Holy Spirit?
4. What about speaking in tongues?
5. What is the fruit of the Spirit?
6. What are the gifts of the Spirit?
7. What about love and the gifts of the Spirit?
8. What does living in the Spirit look like?