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Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible by Myer Pearlman

by Myer Pearlman

This complete and thorough work is the trusted choice for understanding Bible doctrine. It is a deep well of wisdom to use for training Sunday School teachers, staff pastors, youth leaders, and is a foundational component of your pastoral library. Combining biblical and systematic theology, its study is guided by two questions: What do the scriptures say? What do the scriptures mean?

It is systematic in its arrangement by topic. Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible covers the existence, attributes, nature, and Trinity of God; angels and Satan; the origin and nature of man; the fact, nature, origin, and consequences of sin; atonement in the Old and New Testaments; the nature and security of salvation; and death, resurrection, and the future life. Also includes an in-depth study of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecostal Classics Series

Paper, 5 x 7", 400 pages.
ISBN 9780882435343