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Growing Deeper: Disciple-Making Lessons For Living As A Follower of Jesus by Jonathan Gallo

$19.00 $19.99
Do you want to grow deeper as a follower of Jesus but you’re not sure how? Growing Deeper is a tool to help facilitate your journey. It can be used one-on-one, in a class, or in a small group setting over a few weeks up to an entire year. The book is divided into six sections with thirty-one lessons: Starting Out, Loving God, Loving Yourself, Loving Others, Theology, and the Bible Storyline. The first step is to go through the lessons with someone who can help you on your way. As you read each chapter, discover scripture, and discuss your questions, you’ll be challenged to apply what you’re learning. Once you’re finished, you can share what you’ve learned by discipling someone else. This is where the deepest level of growth takes place.