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Fire and Wind: Unleashing the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit

$17.50 $20.99
Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit dwells in every believer (Ephesians 1:13). Because of that promise, you have an Advocate in your life to guide, help, counsel, and convict you as you live and grow into deeper spiritual truths.

Are you making the most of all the Holy Spirit offers to you? If you yearn to know more about who He is and the powerful ways He can work in your life, Fire and Wind will introduce you to…
  • the different ways the Spirit ministers to you
  • what it means to experience the presence, filling, and power of the Spirit
  • how the Spirit guides and teaches you
  • the spiritual gifts given to you for the benefit of others
  • the inner joy the Spirit makes available to every believer
As you welcome the Holy Spirit, He can make everything about Jesus a reality for you today and every day by His constant presence in and through you.