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Extreme Grand-parenting DVD series The Ride of Your Life by Tim Kimmel

Make the most of your role as grandparent—a role being redefined today by active, vital grandparents like you. The honesty, humor, stories and practical experience offered by Tim and Darcy Kimmel will motivate and guide you to develop richer relationships with your children and their children. Extreme Grandparenting encourages you to give the greatest gift possible to family: yourself. (This video study is designed to be used “as is”, but to gain the most out of the study, use in conjunction with the book, Extreme Grandparenting. One copy of the book is included along with 8 Participant's Workbooks) Tim and Darcy Kimmel speak from experience to provide a framework for the new era in grandparenting. Filled with their passion for building the family, this book is a call to action and a guide for grandparents striving to glorify God by building relationships. –Dennis Rainey, president of FamilyLife Each study includes: • 8 fun, information filled lessons taught by Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel on 2 DVDs • User friendly materials designed for group study •One copy of the book, Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride Of Your Life • Easy to follow Facilitator's Guide with helpful suggestions for leading a group study, word by word prompts and answers to the discussion questions (PDF format on CD-ROM). • 8 Participant's Workbooks (More may be ordered directly from the publisher) that you develop as you go through the study and becomes an effective, useful tool that helps you to be the grandparent you want to be. Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel, are co-founders of Family Matters and speakers for FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember events.