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Young Explorers Volume Two

Effective kids’ discipleship at a budget-friendly price! 

Perfect for your children’s church, midweek, or summer program, Young Explorers includes the curriculum and printouts you need for exciting lessons with truths straight from the Bible. Divided into 4 themes with 13 lessons each, this Young Explorers Kit takes kids on adventures into the Olympics and traveling the world. The complete kit is on a CD-ROM that allows you to print everything you need, and also included an audio CD with songs and sound effects. Young Explorers sessions use a variety of activities such as giving, praise time, pre-Bible lesson activities, Bible story, worship and prayer, and memory verse fun to plant God’s Word into kids’ hearts! 


The Lord’s Army: Lessons from the Ten Commandments (Army theme)
Here Come the Judges: Lessons from the Old Testament Judges (Newsroom theme) 
Olympic Training: Lessons in Christian Living (Olympic theme)
Around the World in 90 Days: Lessons in World Missions (Airport theme) 

On the CD-ROM: 

- 52 Lesson plans
- Reproducible activity sheets
- Copy masters and overhead masters (for use with PowerPoint, handouts, or as backdrops)

- 52 puppet skits

On the Audio CD 
- 18 theme-related songs
- 18 theme-related sound effects