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What the Bible Is All About: Bible Handbook for Kids By: H. Mears

An excellent and helpful tool to the Bible for kids (and adults!) Gospel Light's Bible handbook helps to paint the "big picture" of the life and times of the Bible and of the people and places featured. Filled with illustrations, backgrounds on the writers of each book, a "Jesus Connection" section for every book in the Bible, word definitions, and more—the ultimate guide to God's word! 
• New look: fun, captivating and engaging, designed with kids in mind. Kids really do want to understand the Bible too!
• Engages kids in ways they can study to understand the Bible for themselves
• Includes kid-friendly visual and written resources that will help children believe, understand, know, love and follow Jesus
• Jesus Connection helps kids find Jesus in every book of the Bible
• Referenced in Gospel Light’s new elementary Sunday school curriculum, Give Me Jesus