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'Twas the Light Before Christmas The Fun Instant Christmas Play

You can forget about all those long hours of rehearsals with this delightful instant Christmas play that delivers the true message of Christmas in a clever and meaningful way! Kids and their families will LOVE being a part of ’Twas the Light Before Christmas. All in one fun-filled night, they’ll create props, rehearse their parts, experience an impactful devotion, present a full-fledged Christmas production, and finally celebrate together. It doesn’t get any better than this!

With just one hour of rehearsal, four scenes that involve everyone, and a captivating and original script, you’ll have a Christmas hit on your hands! This hilarious play can also be used with just children presenting the play and their families joining in the other fun activities.

Set in Bible-times Bethlehem, brother and sister Ray and Vanessa run a small sunglasses stand while their parents are busy registering for the census. As the sun sets, they notice a brilliant star in the night sky, discover a group of star-trackers looking for a baby King, and meet a hilarious handful of census-takers. As the light grows stronger, they discover the real Star of Christmas!

Full of entertaining drama and humor; amazing, original music; and a powerful message! Your families and community will thank you for making their annual Christmas production fit into their busy lives, too. And most importantly, Jesus is the real focus of Christmas this year! Plus, you’ll get a full publicity plan and materials to get families from your community to attend the event — and return to your church afterward.