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The Gospel Project for Students: Leader Pack Winter 2017

The Gospel Project for Students Leader Pack is designed to supplement and expand the teaching contained in The Gospel Project for Students Leader Guide. Contents include poster items that visually enhance and contribute to individual sessions, leader training videos that equip leaders to prepare for the study, One Conversation guides that equip families with students to continue the study within the home, as well as PowerPoint templates with graphics from the quarter study to prepare slides for teaching. 

The Gospel Project for Students Exile and Return teaches kids that God’s people were sent into exile due to their sin, but God sustained them, brought them home, and helped them rebuild the temple. God’s provision is shown through accounts of Esther and Nehemiah.Even after their return home, the Israelites continue struggling to obey God, and Malachi warns them not to be lazy in their worship of Him. Two sessions include a special focus on Christmas.


  • A DVD-ROM with videos to introduce the six-week studies and individual video intros for each session
  • PowerPoint® templates to help in presenting the sessions and a variety of posters and visual aids
  • A PDF of the Live It Outs, and One Conversation for each session

Great for Sunday School classes and small groups.

Purchase one per class and/or small group.