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The Gospel Project for Students: WINTER 2017 Leader Guide


The Gospel Project for Students Leader Guide – ESV — eBook equips each group leader with the necessary resources to effectively lead students through each lesson of The Gospel Project for Students. 

The Gospel Project for Students Fall 2016, Exile and Return teaches kids that God’s people were sent into exile due to their sin, but God sustained them, brought them home, and helped them rebuild the temple. God’s provision is shown through accounts of Esther and Nehemiah.Even after their return home, the Israelites continue struggling to obey God, and Malachi warns them not to be lazy in their worship of Him. Two sessions include a special focus on Christmas. Not only that, but students will also be exposed to essential Christian doctrines along the way, being equipped to think with a Christian worldview and encouraged to live it out accordingly. 


  • Thirteen Sessions, broken down into two units, fall under the following headings: God the Revealer; God the Pursuer.
  • Succinct outline of each session, allowing students to follow along with their leader during their group time.
  • Interactive questions that allow students to reflect and engage over the material are provided throughout the study guide.
  • Additional content provided as an encore for those wanting to dive a little deeper into the points of the lesson.

Great for Sunday school classes and/or small groups.

Purchase one per participant.