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Making the Bible Come Alive - Elementary Card Set

$13.00 $15.00

Whether a church, home-schooler or parent of children, here is a creative way to teach the next generation about characters from the pages of Scripture. It is important for today's kids to view Bible characters as people from which they can learn Godly values and important life lessons from. We all are looking for heroes and those we can and should be modelling our lives after. As we know, not all of the men and women in Scripture were not perfect. We can learn from those who were good, not so good and those even turned their back on God.

Making The Bible Come Alive is more than neatly packaged cards, BUT these are an important part of a greater teaching opportunity...
Cards comes in two sets:  Preschool geared to 3-5 and Elementary for ages 6-11. 
Each set contains 40 cards consisting of 39 Bible characters and a card that teaches "The Roman's Road".  Each age-appropriate card has been artistically and clearly designed to communicate the character study of that person in Scripture.

These boxed card sets, smaller in size for elementary-age hands and larger for little hands, are a great teaching tool and resource that can be used in multiple ways.  You can hand them out weekly at church as part of a Kids' Church, Sunday School or mid-week program, or gift every student with an entire box at the beginning of a teaching series on these Bible characters. Parents, and grandparents - buy a set for your children and grandchildren. These are great teaching aids at dinner tables, family devotional times, bed-times and even in grandparent Facetime or Skype calls!  The application for these cards is endless!

 2 sets for $25         
3-10 units        $12 per box (savings of $3)
11+ units         $10 per box (savings of $5)

And, as mentioned, it's about more than just the cards.
Visit and find the profiles for 40 character cards and 13 different teaching segments - a wealth of resources that can be used as curriculum in a local church setting or for home-based spiritual formation times.  Here you will find everything from Bible lessons, prayer focuses, videos, verses, songs, crafts, fun snacks to make, and much more ... all aligning with every Bible character!

Cards and web resources are available in both English and French. 

Check out this video to hear more about how to use this creative resource: 
Make the Bible come alive how to use video