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Children's Ministries Leadership Certification Course Semester One (PAOC)


This self-study has been designed for those involved in ministry to the next generation who have had little or no formal training in the area of children's ministries. Seasoned practitioners representing a variety of churches and ministries across Canada have written this course just for you!

Each lesson has been laid out in a way that doesn't require excessive time on your part for study purposes, yet gives you opportunity to: Read, Reflect and Respond to what you are learning.

Topics of study
Module 1: Leaders and the Children they serve
Your Personal Relationship with God
Leaders of Influence
Advocating for Children's Ministry
What We Believe

Module 2: Character and Accountability
Being a Disciple Who makes Disciples
Learning from Jesus and His Twelve
Being a Team Player
Abuse Prevention Procedures

Module 3: Having a Plan for Ministry
Hearing God's Voice for Your Life and Ministry
Developing a Mission Statement
Setting Goals and Objectives
Being the Best You Can Be in Life and Ministry

Module 4: Building Your Team
Recruiting With Visions
Interviewing and Placing Volunteers
Training and Coaching Volunteers
Honouring and Celebrating Volunteers

Module 5: Children and Development
The First Five Formational Years
Spiritual Development in Children
Theological Development of Children
Spiritual Formation for Teachers Too

Module 6: Spiritual Growth in Children
Spiritual Milestones
Conversion and Baptism of Children
Spiritual Disciplines
Raising the Next Generation of Leaders