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The Disciple by David Sawler


In his follow up book to, ‘Goodbye Generation’, David Sawler tackles what he believes is the key to long term growth and retention for the Church today.  Through the life of Jesus, we learn of several foundation principles that are needed to close the backdoor of our churches and ministries.

Jesus calls us to follow Him.  This is more than just watching where He goes.  It is a call to live like Him, do what He did, and become like Him. ‘The Disciple’  will challenge you to consider what following Jesus looks like.  It is a journey of realizing Jesus did not just leave us with the Great Commission. He, in fact, showed us what living it out looked like.  It will challenge every leader, parent, and person as to what the cost of discipleship is.

This book is not about a program or new ideas on discipleship.  It is a discussion on the foundations each of us must grasp in order to truly live like Jesus, both in character and deed.  Enjoy.  Be prepared to be challenged, for change, and for long term growth.