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Pivotal Praying: Connecting with God in Time of Great Need By: John Hull, Dr. Tim Elmore

We all face critical forks in the road - marriage, the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, or a personal health crisis. How are we to pray at these junctures? Perhaps our instinct is to send up a quick "911" prayer, but authors John Hull and Tim Elmore demonstrate how by praying the right prayer at the right time, we can see the incredible impact of what God can do. Using biblical examples, Hull and Elmore teach readers how to pray at critical junctures in life, progressing beyond damage control into the realm of strategic prayer. Pivotal Praying uses examples from Scripture to illustrate the power of effective and ineffective praying. For those seeking to enlarge their prayer vision and alter their circumstances for God's glory, Pivotal Praying is an ideal resource.