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The GoodBook Curriculum by Deron Spoo

$58.99 $65.99

With engaging stories and fascinating biblical insights, Deron Spoo and Kyle Idleman dig into the Bible's forty biggest ideas and help participants see how they apply to life today. The Good Book Small Group Curriculum Kit is an 8-session DVD study that's easy-to-use and appropriate for people in all stages of the Christian journey. The Kit contains:

  • 1 eight-session DVD
  • 1 Participant's Guide
  • 1 Facilitator's Guide

Session Titles/Times:

  • Session 1: In the Beginning (20:26)
  • Session 2: God is Good When Life Gets Messy (19:49)
  • Session 3: God is Big (19:58)
  • Session 4: Tough Love, Troubled Times (18:47)
  • Session 5: Jesus Has Just Entered the Building (16:03)
  • Session 6: Jesus Won't Leave Us as We Are (17:25)
  • Session 7: Following God (17:35)
  • Session 8: God's Message for You (19:07)
  • Trailer (02:46)