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A Spirit-Empowered Life Grow Small Group Kit

Don’t just live. Live Spirit empowered!

Have you ever wondered just how much more there is to the Christian life? A Spirit-Empowered Life takes you beyond doing things for God to pursuing a deep relationship  with Him. Through the Holy Spirit’s transforming power, you’ll discover how to connect, grow, serve, go, and worship in ways that allow others to see more of God in you.

The Grow Small Group Kit centers on how our beliefs and behaviors can be impacted by the Holy Spirit. Four sessions explore—

1. Enlarge. Finding out how to "live larger" through the power and leading of the Holy Spirit.
2. Listen. Discovering how to hear from the Holy Spirit.
3. Guide. Choosing to pass on your faith as you disciple others.
4. Obey. Following the Holy Spirit’s lead as you help others.

4 sessions * Approximately 60 minutes each


This small group kit includes—
  • Inspirational testimonies and teaching segments on the DVD (12-15 minutes each)
  • Easy-to-follow lessons with Bible passages, discussion questions, daily devotions, and more in the full-color Study Guide.
Plus, the DVD and Study Guide include helps for new leaders and building a healthy small group ministry, too.