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Understanding Islam & Christianity: Beliefs That Separate Us & How to Talk About Them By: Josh McDowell, Jim Walker

For years, international apologist Josh McDowell has been alert to the challenge of Islam and how Muslims' objections to Christianity can raise deep doubts in believers' minds. His recent on-the-ground research with Muslims in the Middle East has crystallized into this practical resource focusing on Jesus and the gospel. Aided by Islam expert Jim Walker, McDowell lays out the evidence on the crucial issues:
  • What kind of prophet was Jesus? Was he the Messiah?
  • "Son of God"? "Son of Man"? What's that about?
  • The Trinity - do Christians believe in one God or three?
  • How are God and Jesus related? Can they both be God?
  • The gospel - how could God dishonor his Son by letting him die horribly? What good did his death do?
  • What is salvation?
  • What does the Quran say about Jesus and the gospel?
  • Aren't the Bible's accounts of Jesus corrupt?
Understanding Islam and Christianity provides believers with authoritative evidence from Scripture and history to intelligently approach conversations with Muslim friends and neighbors with assurance and confidence.