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The Family Blessing Guidebook by Terry and Melissa Bone

This is not a self-help book. 

This is a book that unlocks a forgotten talent that you can use in every one of your important relationships. 

The practice of Family Blessing has been proven over centuries especially in the Jewish culture. Today it has largely been lost or never learned. 

We have devoted years to learning and applying blessing to our relationships with children, family, friends and even in our business life. We have tested this teaching in many different countries, cultures and languages on five separate continents. We know it works.
The Bible has been our guidebook in principle and practice but we believe that Family Blessing is applicable to people of all faiths. 

While this book does not contain everything we teach, it does contain everything we think you need to know in order to give and receive family blessings at every stage of life. 
In it there is something for your HEAD, for your HEART and for your HAND. 
Our goal is to help you understand the power, to recover your missed blessings and to learn how to give blessings to others. 

Section ONE gets straight to the point. It explains what Family Blessing is and why it matters in your life.

Section TWO goes for the heart. It uses the power of stories to paint a clear picture of what Family Blessing looks like at every stage of life and how to recover the blessings you have missed along the way. 

Section THREE shows you how to apply blessing to your important relationships. The appendices put the tools in your hands.

We encourage you to read the whole book for this reason: 

“You can’t give what you haven’t received!”

By taking the time to read through all the stages you will discover which blessings may still be missing from your life. Learning how to receive blessings you have missed, will increase your effectiveness when you bless others. 

May the eyes of your heart be enlightened as you read these pages
May you receive every blessing that you need and desire. 
May you be inspired to bless others with deliberate words and actions.