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Prodigal in the Parsonage

by Judi Braddy

Parenting is seldom easy, but how do parents maintain their peace of mind when the rebellion of their child turns into a rejection of faith ... especially when the rejection is in the home of a minister? Braddy, an ordained minister and pastor's wife, shares the pain and suffering of watching a beloved child walk away from God. Paper. 144 pages.


1. Where Does a Pastor Go to Resign?
2. What in Heaven's Name Has Happened?
3. Collateral Damage
4. Battle Plan
5. Raw Pain
6. Community Conflicts
7. Home is Where the Hurt Is
8. Those Whom God Has Joined
9. Hanging Between Heaven and Help
10. The Long Road Home
11. Will the Real Prodigal Please Stand Up?
12. Between a Rock and a God Place