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Fostering Harmony in Marriage by George Sukhdeo

Preparing for and Fostering Harmony in Marriage is not just a book about how to help couples eliminate the risk of divorce. Rather, it is a guide for those who desire to have a healthy, harmonious and godly marriage based on biblical principles. As author George Sukhdeo notes: “A marriage with Christ at its centre is much more than having someone to do the dishes after dinner, take care of you when you’re sick, or help you make the car payment every month. A godly marriage excels at compromise and glories in selflessness.” It is filled with challenging work, but it is also “a happy, fulfilled and purposeful marriage that blesses humanity and pleases the heart of God.”

Whether you’re at the stage of life where you're looking for a partner, planning your wedding day, approaching your 10th or 25th anniversary, or considering a second union, this book will provide you with important tools in your journey toward a Christian marriage. Using biblical references as a foundation, Preparing for and Fostering Harmony in Marriage offers guidance on key issues faced by soon-to-be married and married couples, including how to improve communication, find sexual fulfillment in marriage, better manage finances, and even blend families. This is a book that contains principles you need to read and apply in your life if you want to have the best shot at making your marriage a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

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