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The Next Level

by Scott Wilson

Prison or classroom?

All of us face tests every day. Some are seemingly inconsequential, but others shape the rest of our lives. The challenge is to learn to see these tests from God's perspective. Our times of pain and confusion aren't meant to be prisons that keep us from enjoying life. Instead, God wants to use them as classrooms to teach us the most valuable lessons we can ever learn.

In this book, we'll look at 31 accounts of men and women in the Bible to see how they faced the tests God gave them. In some cases, they trusted God and passed with flying colors, but some failed miserably. All of these stories, though, teach us important lessons about how to face difficulties each day.

Hardcover, 6 x 9", 224 pages

Scott Wilson is the Senior Pastor of The Oaks Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, a multi-site church that has experienced exponential growth since taking senior leadership in 2002. He is the CEO and founder of Scott Wilson Consulting, an organization designed to equip leaders in the church and the marketplace to achieve their God-given potential. Scott is also involved in creating and leading Life School, with over 3000 students in four locations, and he founded The Oaks School of Leadership in partnership with Southwestern Assembly of God University. Scott is a leadership trainer for Equip, a ministry of John Maxwell, and he is a popular speaker for business leaders and other conferences for pastors. Scott and his wife Jenni have three sons: Dillon, Hunter, and Dakota.