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The Blogging Church by Various authors (Batterson, Groeschel, Surratt etc.)

Pastors and church workers can use the social phenomenon of internet blogs to connect people and BUILD a sense of community. The Blogging Church tells you the why, what, and how. You'll get key insights from the frontlines of web ministry: Is blogging a tool or toy? Why post sermons on blogs? What problems will blogging solve? How does blogging benefit the church? How do I BUILD a great blog? and Who am I blogging for?

Brings you insights from blogging pastors such as Mark Batterson, Craig Groeschel, Tony Morgan, Perry Noble, Greg Surratt, and more. You'll also get acquainted with five leading bloggers - Robert Scoble, Kathy Sierra, Dave Winer, Guy Kawasaki, and Merlin Mann.

Table of Contents:

1. The Story of Blogging
2. Why Blog
3. Share News
4. Cast Vision
5. Reach Out
6. Connect Your Staff
7. Learn from Others
8. Spread the Word
9. Get Started
10. Build a Better Blog
11. Build a Really Bad Blog
12. Feed Your Head: RSS
13. Podcasting
14. Warning Labels
15. Build to Last
16. The One Thing