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The Acts 2 Church and Implementation Guide by Alton Garrison

by Alton Garrison

In this handy booklet, Alton Garrison explains a simple philosophy for church growth-follow what the Early Church did in the Book of Acts. Recently revised and expanded, The Acts 2 Church provides ideas to get you going and resources to equip you to lead a healthy, growing church. It also offers the ability to help you evaluate and analyze where your church is now and where you want it to be. Based on Acts 2:42-47, The Acts 2 Church finds its footing in five areas of the church: worship, connect, grow, serve, and go.

Ideal for church staff, deacon board, and volunteer leadership. Quantity discounts available.

Booklet, 5.25 x 8.25", 52 pages


Do you wonder what it will take to bring your church to the next level? You've attended the church growth conferences and you've adopted the practices of the local mega church. You even hired the hip worship leader. (At least your youth group thought he was cool.) These things may have provided quick results, but once the excitement wore off, life returned to the way things were. The results were not lasting.

I have walked where you are walking. As I sought to lead a great group of people to reach their community, I had to develop my view of what it meant to "do church." As I have written this down I have struggled over what to call it. "Model" seems too static; "concept" seems too theoretical and "program" seems too structured. It's really a process; the process by which the people of a church are moved from stable to growing and dynamic. The process is based simply upon the guidelines given us in Acts 2 and applied to the local, unique circumstance. So, I have taken to calling this the Acts 2 Process.

Understand that this works for both the church corporately and the individual. It is a process because it is ongoing and there is always another place to go. It is not a four-, five-, or even twelve-step program that you slavishly follow. Unfortunately, we can't "get there" in three easy steps. The Acts 2 Process is a framework within which to review your church's activities, programs, and people.