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Core Values by Dr. Wood

Soon after he was elected general superintendent, Dr. George Wood identified five core values that would determine the priorities of his administration. In acting upon these values, his desire is to build bridges-especially to nonbelievers, people of diverse cultures and younger generations.

Dr. Wood clearly articulates his respect and love for his Pentecostal heritage. With a correlative enthusiasm he seeks to pass on to succeeding generations the truths, values and commitment that compelled our Pentecostal forefathers. He emphasizes them with a fresh expression and focus, presenting some new approaches to advancing our historic mission-the mission that the Holy Spirit led our early leaders to begin more than 90 years ago.

Dr. Wood's path in life has uniquely prepared him for his present responsibility. The convictions that underlie these values were formed in his mind and heart over several decades of ministry. They reflect the DNA of the Fellowship and set our course in following what matters most to our Lord- serving His cause with effectiveness and excellence.

Dr. George O. Wood is general superintendent of the U.S. Assemblies of God. Before being elected to his present office, he served as general secretary for 14 years. He was assistant superintendent of the Southern California District from 1988-1993, after pastoring Newport-Mesa Christian Center in Costa Mesa, California for 17 years. The son of missionary parents to China and Tibet, Wood holds a doctoral degree in pastoral theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a juris doctorate from Western State University College of Law.