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Children's Ministry Leadership: The You-Can-Do-It Guide By: Jim Wideman

You can be a next-level leader! Expert Jim Wideman empowers readers to be dynamic, effective and efficient ministry leaders. This guide gives you the best of the best from Jim's own favorite workshops and keynote addresses. And this isn't just theory; it's practical advice brought to you from someone who has served in small churches; large churches; and churches in between!

Jim Wideman is a warm and engaging speaker on effective children's ministry. He is a children's pastor and director of Christian education at Church On the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wideman leads Kids On the Move, which hosts more than 75 classes for kids per week and is fueled by a team of more than 900 volunteers. Founded by Willie George, Kids On the Move is a recipient of Children's Ministry Magazine's "Pioneer of the Decade" award.