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AquaChurch 2.0 by Leonard Sweet

We live in a fast-paced, fluid world. A postmodern place where people are drifting, making midcourse corrections in every aspect of life, from careers, to relationships, to beliefs.

As church leaders, we must continually reshape our ministries to reach a society adrift. We must move from being adaptive to being proactive, remaining flexible while delivering an uncompromising message.

Aqua Church 2.0 is a guide for developing responsive and relevant church leadership. Fusing biblical wisdom and modern-day insights, acclaimed author Leonard Sweet explores the essentials of missional arts, including vision, creativity, and teamwork. This updated and revised edition will enable your ministry to navigate today's cultural currents, provide a beacon to your community, and meaningfully connect with a postmodern world.

Aqua Church 2.0 is ideal for ministry leaders - and well-suited for leadership training.

SMALL GROUP ACTIVITIES: Each chapter ends with a helpful Ship's Log featuring six or more creative, thought-provoking questions/activities. This is a time-saver for busy pastors who want to conduct leadership training. Material will work well with board members, staff members, cell group leaders, and other ministry directors. Some churches might use this material at a leadership retreat.

PERSONAL GROWTH: Each chapter also offers a Captain's Logbook. This contains six or more individual questions/ideas for the local church pastor to contemplate during personal study time - and possibly share with other ministry workers and believers.

Paper. 382 pages.