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Catch the Wind of the Spirit by Carolyn Tennant

$18.49 $20.99

Never has the cry for renewal and revitalization in the church been so desperate.

As the church tries to understand and adjust to the massive societal shifts that are occurring all around us, individual Christians are searching for more meaning in their spiritual lives.

Catch the Wind of the Spirit tackles this time of uncertainty and unrest head-on, satisfying your spiritual hunger with a deep look at God's Spirit. Although leadership is vital, Catch the Wind of the Spirit focuses on the duties of the entire body of the church.

You'll gain an intimate look at God's gifts, or currents, and understand how to harness the power of each for the benefit of your church. Through Catch the Wind of the Spirit, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what the Lord may want for you and the church today. Ultimately, you will find yourself drawn closer to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.