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The Unexpected Power of Home Why We Need it More Than Ever By: Nancie Carmichael


The Unexpected Power of Home is both a practical and spiritual book. Home starts with us. Through making room for the sacred in our home, we learn to make room for the sacred in our lives. This book on home addresses these questions:

  • Have I really left home?
  • Am I content where I am now?
  • How can I be a person of hospitality and yet have solitude?
  • Why do I have so much clutter? What does it say about me?
  • Does my home inspire a sense of celebration in each season?
  • Is there joy in each season of my life?

As a mother of five children, Nancie experienced with her family what it meant to have a place to grow and learn the most important things in life. Home is a place all of us eventually leave - and then look to find again. Home is a living, spiritual place that is reflective of who we are.

At the end of each chapter are questions to facilitate small group discussion and personal growth.