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Planting Reproducing Churches, Softcover By Elmer L. Towns, Ed Stetzer, Warren Bird

$19.50 $22.25

The church was meant to multiply! 

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them" (Matt. 18:20).

Are you interested in planting a church that has exponential impact? If so, you will be partnering with God to build something that is alive, vital, and majestic. There is a parallel between planting a church and planting a seed in the ground. 

In Planting Reproducing Churches, Dr. Elmer Towns explains God’s strategy of multiplication as it pertains to planting local church communities.  By understanding that every living organism can reproduce a multitude of itself from just one seed, you will see how one church can reproduce itself into an established denomination, large network, or thriving multi-site campus, all carrying the unique DNA of that local body.  

Read this book and learn the answers to practical questions such as:

  • Who can plant a church? 
  • Should you start a church in your hometown?
  • What type of authority should be followed in a church plant?
  • Why is the vision statement essential?
  • How do you choose a name for the church?
  • How do you raise funds for a church plant?

Get ready to receive strategies on how to plant life-giving, flourishing, reproducing churches that have the potential to complete the Great Commission in our lifetime!