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I Dare You by Lee Rogers

I Dare You: Spread the Gospel One Challenge at a Time

I Dare You to read this book.
I Dare You to share the gospel.
There's something powerful about being challenged. 

Jesus understood the persuasive power of daring people. He dared fishermen to leave their nets, dared crowds to take up their cross, and dared a fallen woman to change her life. Even two thousand years after His time on earth, He's still daring the world to follow Him. 

That's what I Dare You is about-spreading the gospel one challenge at a time. 

You'll be dared to have your friends pray with you, read and talk about the Bible with you, and to pass on your own challenges, like daring your friends to love like God does. Finally, you'll be dared to give them the ultimate dare-to place their faith in Jesus.