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Plan to Protect Pocket Guide (Vulnerable Adults)


Plan to Protect® is truly about creating that great place where everyone will want to spend their time. It is about creating a place where everyone is safe. It is that place where they can be everything they are intended to be.

My Plan to Protect®Pocket Guide of Best practices for Vulnerable Adults high-lights the best practices of our well respected protection manual Plan to Protect® which is now used in over 7,500 schools, churches, NGOs, organizations, care facilities and camps across Canada. It is an excellent tool to place in the hands of volunteers, staff, family members and leaders.

The Pocket Guide for Vulnerable Adults is a recent addition to the growing resources for responsible care of the aging, and is especially to be applauded amidst the current demographic acceleration of aging. Already almost 10% of the elderly population experience some type of abuse and the numbers are growing!

This small guide can serve as a tool to raise our awareness of the issues with encouraging our hearts to respond. It provides informed and compassionate guidance and can serve as the basis for further training or a handy reference manual.

This little book DOESN'T replace the large Plan to Protect manual, but it serves as a pocket guide to highlight some best practices as well as provide space for individuals to take notes and write down important points to remember.

A great book to give out during your volunteer orientation and annual refresher trainings.

Bulk pricing available.