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The Foolishness of God

You will appreciate this refreshing look at glossolalia from a communications theory standpoint. The Foolishness of God explores the history and early writings on tongues, as well as its criticisms and defenses. This vibrant book is extensive and thorough. It will add depth to personal study, small group Bible studies, and sermon planning. It will also be useful for college classes.

One chapter focuses specifically on the role of tongues in the "Unity of the Body of Christ." Interesting sidebars about Communications Theory are inserted throughout the book. A special appendix explains "What Tongues Are Not." Paper. 460 pages.

Dr. Del Tarr serves on the staff at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, California. He has a Ph.D. degree in cross-cultural communications and is Professor emeritus at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, where he previously served as president for 9 years. He attended North Central University and the University of Minnesota.

"Del Tarr has written a compelling defense and advocacy of our Pentecostal (and Biblical) position for speaking in other tongues. No other serious book on glossolalia is written from the matrix of communication theory. This book reflects Dr. Tarr's unique combination of his work as a scholar, missionary and educator. You will find this book engrossing."

George O. Wood
General Superintendent

"It is a unique and challenging resource, both for personal reading and reference and to have on hand for serious inquirers concerning Holy Spirit baptism and glossolalia."

Randy Hurst
Commissioner of Evangelism