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FIRE Institute Evangelism Student Manual

Don't let your teens settle for a status quo existence! Lead them into an extraordinary life with FIRE Institute! This intense discipleship program helps students reach a greater degree of commitment in their walk with Christ. FIRE Institute© is divided into four areas of study- Foundation, Inspiration, Responsibility, and Evangelism. These four categories (each one an 8-week course) stretch students by taking them through in-depth Bible study, lessons in theology, a class project of their choice, sharing their faith, and Scripture memorization.

This student manual, EVANGELISM, emphasizes leading through telling the story of Christ, serving people, and giving graciously toward God's purposes to reach people. The purpose of this manual is to guide students through their 8 weeks of the EVANGELISM session, providing weekly checklists, assignments, and space for journaling and note-taking. 79 pages. Paper.