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Dictionary of Hermeneutics

by James D. Hernando

Easily navigate your way through the maze of hermeneutical study with this one-of-a-kind resource. James Hernando offers concise definitions and examples of terms, expressions, and persons related to the field of hermeneutics, its presuppositions, and its theories. Here are just a few reasons you'll find this a must-have resource:

- The straightforward definitions, with examples or illustrations when possible, provide a clear understanding even if you're new to biblical interpretation.
- The definitions are grouped into seven sections so you can quickly and fully explore the key terms within these essential areas.
- The in-depth footnotes engage you in deeper study.
- The fully-searchable CD-ROM gives you immediate, easy reference to the entire text.

Hard. 187 pages.


James D. Hernando's book, Dictionary of Hermeneutics, was a helpful tool for a recent Ph.D. class on hermeneutics I took at Regent University. I consulted the book for helpful summary information on each day's topic. It gave me the quick overview, definitions, and even primary sources for such matters as reader-response, feminist, and narrative approaches to Scripture. I recommend the book as a trusted guide to any beginning or serious student of contemporary biblical studies.

Malcolm R. Brubaker
Professor of Bible
Valley Forge Christian College