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A Pentecostal Biblical Theology: Turning Points in the Story of Redemption by Roger Stronstad

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In this volume, noted Pentecostal biblical scholar, Roger Stronstad, turns his attention to the construction of an overarching biblical theology that runs from Genesis to Revelation. Bringing his considerable narrative and theological skills to this task, Stronstad makes the bold proposal that the entire canon, from creation to the new creation, reveals a rather clear and distinctive shape and content that may be traced by a series of seven turning points in redemptive history. These turning points include five found in the Old Testament – creation, the flood, Babel, wilderness, and exile – and two found in the New Testament – the first coming of Jesus and the climax of history. In this narrative, Stronstad focuses on the key turning points in biblical and human history, the most significant biblical characters, accounts for every biblical covenant, explains the significance of the fact that there are seven turning points, as well as discovers that the agents of the new start of the last four cycles have the name Joshua (Hebrew) = Jesus (Greek), which means ‘God saves’, illustrating the repetitive triumph of Redemption over human cosmic and global sinfulness. This work is a welcome addition to the field of Pentecostal biblical theology.