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Alpha Youth Film Series DVD

$64.99 $74.99

The Alpha Youth Series is a perfect way to create an environment of acceptability where students can bring their friends to explore the Christian faith, ask questions, and share their point of view. Alpha makes it easy to invite friends to have spiritual conversations which explore life's biggest questions in a safe and respectful way. The Alpha Youth Series is created for audiences 13-18 years old. Alpha's approach to hospitality, faith, and discussion is designed to welcome everyone, especially those who might not describe themselves as Christians or church-goers.

Each session includes time for a large group, short teaching, and small group discussion. The DVD also includes three training sessions for your small group hosts and helpers and the discussion guide.

A note from hosts Jason and Ben: Alpha Youth Series has been re-imagined for today's youth culture. Since the launch of the original Alpha Youth Series in 2013, it has been used to run Alpha for 13-18 year old's in 49 countries, in 19 languages — giving young people all around the world the chance to explore faith through Alpha.

This pack contains one Discussion Guide and one DVD. The DVD has both English and Spanish audio and subtitles. The Discussion Guide is English only.

Jason Ballard