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100% Free Ecommerce Websites for Brick and Mortar Christian Bookstores

Improve Your Ability to Connect and Serve Your Customers

Anchor Distributors created Connection+ to help stores like yours provide improved customer experiences in-store and online! You'll gain access to new tools to help you understand your business and ultimately make decisions to help you grow and serve.

Supported POS Systems:

  • Bookstore Manager
  • More Will Be Integrated With In the Future

*Not Seeing Your POS? You will be able to upload a pricing excel file so that your online store prices match your in-store prices

Frequently Asked Questions


We have answered many questions to help you understand the Connection+ Platform. See if your question is answered below.

Connection Plus FAQs

  • Register for Connection + at
  • On-board your website to the connection+ platform
  • Connection+ will handle Homepage Updates, Email Marketing
  • Your customers place orders on your new site
  • Connection+ will handle all customer service, order management, and fulfillment of the order
  • Customer receives the package with your branding
  • Connection+ will provide you a monthly credit from sales on your site

  • Register on at
  • After you register and are approved for a Connection+ Site, we will send you the official on boarding forms. This approval process usually takes 4-5 business days
  • Questions email to:

Connection+ is 100% free, with no monthly maintenance or hosting fees

After submitting your application, an onboarding email will be sent to you. Once all necessary information is submitted, your site should be operational within 2 weeks.

If you do not already own a domain / url, then yes you will need to purchase one. We recommend purchasing your domain from Here is a link to their guide:

  • Each month, your credits are totaled from your orders and will be available on the dashboard
  • Credits must be claimed within one year or they will expire
  • Credits can be claimed by navigating to the Manage Site tab after being logged into your site as admin, in dashboard feature. The menu list on left side will show "Claim Credits" and it will provide you details of prior and pending credits available

POS system are not required for participation, but if you have a POS System that we currently integrate with, then we can sync your stock and in-store pricing with your E-commerce website.

Currently, you can add “in store” products, but these cannot be purchased online

Yes! Once your site is created, you can navigate to "Manage Store" and click "Create In-Store Event". From there you can add a title for the event, a description and date & time of the event.

Yes! In your store admin, you can click "Add Catalog" and upload a PDF of your catalog and your customer's will be able to view that.

Have Questions?

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If you are new to Connection+ and want to learn more about how we are helping local bookstores like you, please view our webinar session below:

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Connection+ Improves the Way You Do Business

Brick and Mortar retail is an essential part of your business and ours! Connection+ adds the features highlighted below to support your brick and mortar sales, and add opportunities for additional streams of revenue online.

Connection+ Offers All of This and So Much More!

Once you have appied and been approved, we will reach out to obtain specific website information that we need and we will set up a go-live date for your website.