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When the Spirit Came Upon Them by Douglas Rudd

For more than half a century Douglas Rudd has been immersed in Pentecostal ministry. He was personally acquainted with many of the men and women who were empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the full gospel message and shape the fellowship of Pentecostal believers. Who better to tell the story of the beginnings of the movement in Canada!

When the Spirit Came Upon Them is an account of the lives and ministries of the early Pentecostal pioneers and their families. They were not only courageous and committed servants of God who changed the face of religious history in this nation, they were colourful characters whose stories are entertaining and inspiring. 

Readers will be fascinated by the events which resulted in the establishment of churches in dozens of communities- most of the information never before assembled under one cover. Many decades later, these churches still serve as centres of evangelism and places of worship for families whose roots go back to the early years, as well as thousands of newcomers.