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Welcome to the New by Mercy Me


The history-making, Grammy®-nominated band MercyMe is following up 2012's The Hurt & The Healer with their eighth studio album, the grace-filled Welcome To The New. The project signifies a new season for the group, and is a musical reminder that we don't have to try to please God because he's been pleased with us from the beginning.

Lead single "Shake" is already making waves at radio, and the track's ingenious video is a hit online. The tune is all about enjoying the fact that we're changed and exhibiting the kind of joy that should naturally come from a Christ-centred life.

MercyMe has sold more than six million units, and has an arsenal of Gold® and Platinum® recordings, along with numerous #1 radio hits. Thanks to their mega-hit "I Can Only Imagine", Billboard named the Texas -based band the Christian Artist of the Decade. These down-to-earth guys have sold out venues including Radio City Music Hall and appeared everywhere from The Tonight Show and CNN to the pages of Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times - and they're just getting started.

Song titles
Welcome to the Ne
Gotta Let it Go
Finish What He Started
New Lease on Life
Wishful Thinking
Burn Baby Burn
Dear Younger Me