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Tempting Stuff Helping Teenagers Battle Everyday Temptations DVD Curriculum

Temptation is something everyone experiences--even Jesus was tempted! And one of Satan's most devious tricks is to use temptation not just to get students to sin, but to separate themselves from the body of Christ because of guilt and shame.

In this five-week, DVD-based study, Kurt Johnston and Katie Edwards helps students overcome temptation by understanding it from a biblical perspective. Inside you'll find everything you need to lead a small group discussion that will strengthen students' resolve and prepare them for a life-long battle with temptation.

As a leader, you also get all the materials you need to run each meeting: leader's notes, student handouts, and more. And they're all editable and reproducible as we can make them--so tweak away and make them yours!

Lessons include:
;The Temptation Story [9:30]
Selfish Temptations [8:44]
Do Nothing Temptations [8:45]
;Dishonest Temptations [9:28]
Cruel Temptations [6:32]