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Rise Up With Jesus: Easter Event for Families


Lift up the TRUE meaning of Easter!

At Rise Up With Jesus, families explore surprising details about Jesus' resurrection on that glorious Sunday morning 2000 years ago. Hand-in-hand, they'll journey through captivating stations that drive home one irresistible truth: Jesus is alive today!

Every Family will:

  • Discover Jesus' present-day power through activities that let them see, hear, smell, taste, and touch his resurrection.
  • Embrace your church as a place that gives them real hope and strength through God's love.
  • Take home keepsakes that remind them Jesus is alive.

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Simple, step-by-step directions give you everything you need to plan, prepare, and recruit for a fun-filled 2-hour Easter outreach event. This kit includes samples and easy-to-follow instructions for decorating, outreach, and leading your volunteers.

Kit contains:

  • Director Manual with sections for: Setup Leader Guide, Outreach Leader Guide, Experience Leader Guide
  • Media Pack with Rise Up With Jesus Music CD and Publicity & Resources CD-ROM
  • Tomb Scensory Pack with Sound-Effects CD and two scents
  • Sample Pack of event must-haves:
    • Super Specs
    • Bandura
    • Incredible Changing Wristband
    • High Flyer
    • Tote Bag
    • Follow-Up Foto Frame™
    • Puzzle
    • Tabletop Display
    • Skin Decal

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