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Faith Case: The Fruit of the Spirit

Kids ages 5-12 will join Fruit Inspector Adam Apple and his boss, the Commissioner, as they investigate the Fruit of the Spirit and why it is important to have each of these fruit in their life. Kids will have a great time watching Adam Apple getting a little sidetracked chasing his nemesis, the Spoiler. 

This video-based children’s church curriculum, developed by children’s pastors, consists of ten fast-paced, easy-to-lead sessions. The kit comes complete with unforgettable videos, games, object lessons, Bible stories, song, and kid-friendly statements that make each fruit easy to remember. 

Each session takes an hour or more, not including time for announcements, offering, or worship time. 

Sessions include: 

• Introduction 
• Love 
• Joy 
• Peace 
• Patience 
• Kindness 
• Goodness 
• Faithfulness 
• Gentleness 
• Self-Control 

The kit has everything you need: 

Lead Investigator Guide (only 1 leader required!)
3 DVDs and a CD-ROM
Metal Briefcase
Fruit of the Spirit Cards
5 Case Folders
Fruit of the Spirit Poster
The Fruit of the Spirit, revised edition, by Donald Gee